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Routine Servicing

We strictly follow V.A.G service criteria using genuine parts and up to date service information.

Our routine inspection services exceed Volkswagen and Audi criteria as we remove the wheels from the vehicle and carry out a thorough check of brake pads and discs. Drum brakes are also removed to inspect the brake shoes and check for leaking wheel cylinders which is impossible otherwise. We also remove corrosion that causes the wheels to seize onto the hub. This makes it easier to change a tyre at the side of the road in case of a puncture.

Your service book will be stamped and a service check-sheet is completed and left in Your car listing all the checks carried out during the service.

If your vehicle is equipped we can carry out Longlife servicing which can extend intervals to up to 2 years or 30,000 Miles depending on engine type. Please enquire at time of booking so we can suggest which schedule will be the most economic for you.

Brake fluid service

Check fluid level and signs of leakage

Drain brake fluid and renew using Volkswagen approved brake fluid.

Test braking system Record in service book

Dispose of old brake fluid in accordance with the environmental regulations

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Air Conditioning Service

Inspection of Compressor and clutch

Inspection of drive belts

Inspection of condenser for leaks

Check condition of hoses

Check system oil content and top up

Recover, Vacuum and recharge gas

Disinfect Evaporator inside the vehicle

Replace pollen filter if required

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Cambelt Replacement

Strip down engine and other parts as required to gain access to the camshaft timing belt.

Renew the toothed cam belt

Renew the camshaft tensioner

Reassemble engine and road test vehicle

Record in service book Waterpump and auxilary belt condition are checked. (Can be replaced at your request during cambelt replacement).

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